Eyes over the World

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A stunning collection of images offering an unexpected look at our Earth from the wildly popular “From Where I Drone” Instagram account.A vertiginous overhead view of a Tokyo city street grid, set aglow with nighttime lights. Aerial shots of whales in the turquoise-blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Sunbathers languidly lounging on a tropical beach’s pearly-white sand. These are just a few of the inspiring images showcased in this stunning compilation of the world’s best drone photography. One of this era’s fastest-growing technologies, drones have transformed the world of photography, allowing a new class of creatives to capture images that shift our point of view and redefine how we see the world.Paying homage to the breathtaking beauty of our planet, Eyes over the World features an eclectic range of natural wonders and man-made oddities captured by both luminaries and amateurs alike in the burgeoning drone-photography community. Edited by drone-photography expert and the creator of the “From Where I Drone” Instagram account Dirk Dallas, this fantastic, fearless volume offers a new sense of perspective and awe gained by this fascinating new technology. Organized geographically, it can also be used as a bucket list of sorts–a catalog of all the wonders the Earth has to offer.

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